Терористичний акт у Ніцці [fr]

15 липня 2016 р.

The prime minister activated the Interministerial Victim Support Unit (CIAV) yesterday evening at the premises of the Quai d’Orsay’s crisis and support center.

More than 80 people are mobilized within the CIAV, which brings together officials from the Ministries of Justice, the Interior (forensic identification and sécurité civile [emergency services]), Health and Foreign Affairs, representatives of the public prosecutor’s office, health professionals (Red Cross and emergency medico-psychological unit) as well as members of victim support associations (INAVEM (National Institute for Victim Support and Mediation) and FENVAC (National Federation for the Victims of Disasters)).

The CIAV is liaising with the families of all of the victims and those who were injured. A special telephone number has been set up for their loved ones: 01 43 17 56 46 (00 33 1 43 17 56 46 from overseas). More than 7,500 calls have already been taken. The CIAV is also liaising with foreign embassies in France.

CIAV підтримує зв’язок з сім’ями всіх жертв і поранених. Спеціальний номер телефону був створений для близьких та рідних : 01 43 17 56 46 (00 33 1 43 17 56 46 з-за кордону). CIAV також підтримує зв’язок з іноземними посольствами у Франції.

CIAV officials are on hand at the welcome center for victims’ families set up in Nice and are working with the departments of the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture.

Jean-Marc Ayrault, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, who was taking part in the 11th ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Summit, cut short his visit in order to return to Paris.

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Опубліковано 15/07/2016