Ukraine - Draft law penalizing the "promotion" of homosexuality.

France strongly condemns any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

We are concerned by the Ukrainian Parliament’s adoption at first reading of a draft law punishing what it calls "homosexual propaganda" by up to 5 years in prison. This draft law constitutes a clear infringement of freedom of expression.

France calls on the Ukrainian authorities to comply with their international commitments to the protection of human rights. France, in collaboration with its European partners, is continuing to closely monitor the situation in Ukraine and is considering the ways of responding likely to be most effective.

I would draw your attention here to the statements along the same lines made on this matter by the UN commissioner for human rights this morning.

[Correspondent] In the ways of responding, would the matter not automatically be referred to the Council of Europe, as Ukraine is a member of the Council of Europe, whose main function is human rights?

[Lalliot] That is a possibility. What we are considering is a response within the framework of the European Union, as we regularly do. This can take several forms: a statement by the High Representative, an approach to the Ukrainian authorities by the EU ambassadors on the spot, etc....

[Correspondent] So, in the weeks to come you are going to tell us - possibly - that France is fully behind the European Union in making a joint approach on this question.

[Lalliot] Exactly. This will not be in the weeks that come, it will be earlier. We will then follow the parliamentary procedure in the Ukrainian Parliament. What we are talking about here is a text adopted on first reading.

Statements by Philippe Lalliot, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from the ministry’s daily briefing at the Foreign Ministry in Paris on 5 October 2012.

publié le 08/10/2012

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